“A custom home is special because it tells a unique story – your story. Such a personal undertaking can be both exciting and overwhelming, but with Michigan’s most experienced custom site home Builder, you can enjoy an easy and rewarding experience”.




Introduction – Site Analysis – Design – Permits – Build – Occupancy

Individual construction time may vary depending on the size and type of home you want to build. Our clients are very surprised to find how quick the build process can be. Average construction time from permitting to occupancy is 4-6 months.

1. Introduction

Let’s meet! Life is all about relationships and we are ready for you and your family to become part of ours. Vettraino Homes will walk you through the entire process and answer all the questions you have in regards to building your custom home. Come meet us, visit one of our homes under construction, dream and discover what is possible.

2. Site Analysis

Time to talk Land. There is a lot to consider when selecting the home site that’s right for you. We’ve taken most of the guess work out of the process. Remember…Vettraino Homes is available for a free home site evaluation before you buy your land; we are experts in land evaluation. We review things like topography, Health Department reports relating to septic or sewer/water connections, well depths in your area, permitting issues, etc.…

3. Design

Refine –Budget – Let’s design your new home. We have our in-house selection of house plans that fit lifestyles of today, open floor plans, walk-in pantries, kitchen islands, along with every type of house imaginable. Vettraino Homes understands your budget; we will help create a home that exceeds your expectations. And with itemized cost estimating, you receive our prices up front! Most other builder’s upgrades with us are standard. You will be very surprised what you get for your money with Vettraino Homes.

4. Finalize your Design and Permitting

Now that your print is finalized and the cost to build is agreed upon, it’s time to sign a contract with Vettraino Homes. Also time for you to pick and choose the high quality materials that go into your custom home, such as siding types and colors, countertops, kitchen and bathroom tiles, or different types of flooring. Of course Vettraino Homes will be here every step of the way. We have a pre-construction meeting making sure we are turning your dreams into reality. If you are financing your custom dream home with a construction loan or mortgage we will now work with the lender and schedule the closing.

5. Build

This is where we really shine! You will discover here that Vettraino Homes was the right choice. And from here forward we will keep you informed and feeling comfortable with the construction process. With over 20 years of construction and development experience you will feel confident that you’re getting the best house your budget can buy.