IMG_0358Vettraino Homes is making our customers aware of the numerous advantages that newly constructed homes offer. From construction quality to modern, open floor plans to an overall lower cost of living (in terms of both time and money), we want to help clients understand that newly constructed homes outperform existing homes across the board.

Why building a Vettraino built custom home instead of buying an existing one is the best option? The general assumption/argument usually is that “buying an existing house is less expensive” and when only thinking about the cost of buying, it’s generally correct. What’s missed in this quote are the lifetime costs, and that’s where building a custom home out performs! Vettraino Homes can build a custom home for anyone considering buying an existing home on any budget!

Here are some of the reasons why we feel everyone should build new!

Custom Built for you:

Building custom is one of the best ways to insure you get exactly the house you want on exactly the land or property you want it. Vettraino Homes builds Custom homes designed for any budget in most locations. With a Vettraino custom built home, there’s no need to compromise between the house you live in and the property it’s built on. Always designed for your lifestyle and filled with choices made by you!

Exactly what you want… And nothing you don’t

Buyers don’t think about the fact when buying an existing home, they are stuck with the property/land, design, fixtures and floor space they don’t want or need. They may end up with extra square footage that they are paying property tax on. They may have purchased a home that needs further investment in mechanical, structural issues, etc.…. that were not properly disclosed or caught during the home inspection process.

Maximize your Investment:

IMG_0372Maybe your home is not your retirement fund but you need the comfort that one of the largest investments you will make in your life at a minimum holds or exceeds the cost to build. Our guarantee to you will be that you’re Vettraino custom built homes’ appraised value will equal or exceed the costs to build. Most of the time we see the value of our homes exceed the cost to build! When you build in a typical tract subdivision what the builder fails to disclose or tell you, is that they are the biggest competition to your home’s value. What happens if you sign a contract to build and the builder starts discounting future homes in the subdivision? Could you imagine trying to sell your home while your builder is selling your same house plan lower than the price you paid.   We see this over and over with big nationwide homebuilders. If building a tract home in a subdivision is your thing, then be sure to get a price guarantee from that big nationwide tract builder. Vettraino Homes will never compete or drive your home value down by competing with our customers. When you build with us you become part of our family and we would never do that to members of our family, rest assured!

Build what you can afford:

Our custom homes are the most affordable custom home in the industry today. When you build new you can choose where to invest your money. You have total control of your investment with Vettraino Homes. No hidden cost over-runs with us, no budget surprises. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a home that’s truly your own and built within your budget.  Start Fresh and build … Come explore with Vettraino Homes how a new home can save you money and enhance your life.

Modern Construction and efficiency:

Modern construction means less homeowner hassles. Advance processes, building codes and newer technology ensures a safer, more secure worry free home for you and your family. Unlike existing homes that require costly maintenance.   Building a new home equates to lower energy bills, more tax deductions on energy saving items and basically cost less to run and maintain.

Built in your location:

IMG_0550Live where you want! Builder Spec Models or existing homes have been built without you in mind. Your new custom built Vettraino Home is built where you choose. We guide you throughout the land acquisition process. Remember we offer free site analysis and will visit your site and evaluate it based upon our 20 years of site development experience.






Choosing your custom builder is a big decision

This will be the biggest decision you make in the home building process. If you choose Vettraino Homes you not only have the best partner but you become part of our family and have a builder for life.

We’ll give you many good reasons to put your trust in us. We do more than any other builder to ease your mind and simplify the building process; this allows you the comfort in watching your dream come to life.  Vettraino Homes is the right choice for all the right reasons, and when we say you become part of our family, we mean it.


Building on your site experts

Building on your site can provide challenges. We are here to walk you through the entire process and provide the expertise you need in evaluating your site and laying out your new home.


Custom Home choices and Budgets for everyone

We offer custom homes in a full range of prices. You can choose from many different floor plans with options to fit your budget. We can also build from your plan or re-design any plan to fit your specific needs and lifestyle.


Warranty You Expect

Vettraino Homes offers one of the best warranties in the industry. Why, because we are that confident in the homes we build and the materials that go into it.



Everything other than our home. The free property/land site analysis, our unique design process.   The way we build your home as though it was for us. The quality of materials used. The dedication from the trades in building for Vettraino Homes. The warranty and list of options we offer at no charge.


Construction Open Houses

See before you buy. You can visit one of our many job sites around Michigan and see for yourself the quality and cleanliness of our homes. This is our way of sharing the home building process with you.


Financing In House

Yes, we own a mortgage company. As a member of Vettraino Homes family we will guide you step-by-step through the financing of your new home and secure the best possible mortgage solution for you.

Vettraino Homes has provided lending services to many of our customers. We finance new home construction for customers of Vettraino Homes, Inc. As part of the Vettraino Group family, we assign personal Loan Consultants who are dedicated to helping our home buyers select financing solutions to fit their unique situations. Our processes and systems are all designed with the customer and new construction in mind. Customers will also benefit from a personal mortgage adviser who provides home buyers their own personal and dedicated trained adviser to help them make sense of home financing and get them on the path to home ownership. For our exclusive Online Mortgage loan application click here