Vettraino group of companies

v-logoOur business every day begins with family and ends with your custom dream home. It’s a story of passion and family pride in building custom homes that started with David Vettraino. Vettraino Homes has a truly American story.

The Vettraino Group of companies began with a heritage of carpenters and homebuilders brought here from SantElia Fiumerapido in Italy and Tingstad Sweden,.  It has been our pleasure in keeping up family traditions and making my family past generations sacrifice in coming to this country live on in what we are doing today.

“I began my career in residential construction lending, but soon realized as I conducted on site construction inspections that homes could be built better, people could be given more options for their money and that building custom homes on individual lots, package correctly, would give home buyers higher valued options compared to most subdivision tract homes being built today. As we started to build, I soon saw satisfied customers as they took over their new custom home. We knew there would be something very special about designing and building homes from the ground up for families that would make that house their dream home. We all know that buying or remodeling an existing house can mean compromising in what families want their home to be. We show families how they can afford to make something truly their own. Our team members, sub-contractors and suppliers all believe in the same mission, we run our company by a commitment to building a legacy of high quality and affordable custom homes throughout the state Michigan and soon beyond.   We all share in the belief that everyone deserves to live in a home designed just for them and to have a choice other than a generic home built in a typical tract subdivision. We at Vettraino Home’s provide the mechanics from construction/mortgage financing, design services to lot location services. The bottom line is we provide, exactly what you want, where you want to live.

We assure and promise our clients to provide the most affordable, innovative, fully customized home that they can afford to build. With our family heritage beside us and a growing satisfied customer base, Vettraino Homes is confident we will soon become the largest custom site home builders in Michigan and beyond. We build every home as though it was being built for us! Every home built with quality construction to your specific design and specifications”. Please call and find out how our heritage and pride in family, ongoing continued commitment to superior quality, can provide you with home building options you never imagined. Our company is being built the old fashion way, one custom home at a time, through hard work and an unwavering belief in people. From our office in Brighton, Michigan, Vettraino Homes is becoming one of the largest custom site home builders in the Midwest.

“From our home to yours”

David P. Vettraino, Custom Site Home Builder
Founder, CEOflags-crests